Thursday, December 22, 2011

Skull Style - Patrice Farameh

We've been pretty clear regarding our fondness for the image and form of the human skull. We do our absolute best to bring you all the best in skull ephemera that we can find, and so far there has been no shortage. We find some solace in knowing that there are others that share our obsession, but we're sure that this does not make us any saner...just crazy with friends. We have found probably the best resource for all things skull in Patrice Farameh's book "Skull Style." In it, Ms. Farameh attempts to catalog some of the more fascinating uses for the imagery of the skull, from being a symbol of the occult and evil, to enjoying a resurgence in popularity in pop culture. The book is available at finer bookstores everywhere. More pics after the jump.

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