Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scents by Mad et Len

Traditionally, and by that we mean the last twenty or so years, when shopping for a perfume or cologne, one would head over to a department store, be bombarded with a vast array of commercial scents fabricated by fashion houses who used a celebrity in the hope that you'd buy because you felt you needed to smell like James Franco. However, what we should mean by traditionally, is the little boutique scent houses that were in the major cities of Europe since the 18th century. Purpose built olfactory oasis's that specialized in making wonderful scents using natural ingredients. No celebrity endorsement, just base you choice on your preference of scent. Mad et Len return to that "traditional" perfumers roots, by making all scents in small batches, using only the finest naturally sourced raw materials, and traditional craftsmanship techniques that maintain unusually high standards or quality. They make a complete scent line from candles (in a great wrought iron container), home scents (in a spun brass vessel) and of course perfumes (in the sleek gloss black apothecary style bottles). You can learn more, and if inclined, place an order here.

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