Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tipping Barrels - Journey Into The Great Bear

We have much love for the folks at Sitka. In addition to banging out great apparel options, and terrific surfboards shaped with the Pacific North West waves in mind...they have managed to make our favourite, most comfortable hoody (no easy feat). In collaboration with Pacific Wild, a non-profit conservation organization, they have released their part surf, part environmental journalism film following surfers Arran and Reid Jackson into the heart of the Great Bear rainforest. The issue here is the proposed construction of the Enbridge gas pipeline, which would bring oil from the Oil Sands in Alberta to the coastal town of Kitimat, BC. Having spent significant time in the region, we ourselves find it disturbing that up to 225 super tankers are going to attempt to navigate the narrow straits of the region with their bellies full of crude. Sitka is making ernest efforts to bring awareness to this impending disaster, such as donating profits from their clothing designs, with a special upcoming t-shirt designed by Stan Robinson. Sitka also recently held a fundraiser at their Victoria store, complete with a silent auction flogging the photos of Ian McAllister, Thomas Peschak and Michael Reid, with proceeds going to the cause. The above film, directed by Ben Gulliver, is wrought with some of the most beautiful cinematography ever committed to film, and captures the wild remoteness and vastness of this great swath of wilderness. As a bonus, it has a fantastic score featuring The Cave Singers, Youth Lagoon, Bon Iver and the beautiful closer of "You'll Never Surf Again" by Dan Reeder. Set aside 20 minutes, pump it up to full screen and kick back and enjoy.

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