Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vespa Quarantasei Concept

Quarantasei means "46" in Italian...and here it is used as reference to the inception year of the greatest scooter to ever grace the narrow streets of Europe, or the rest of the world for that matter. We've longed for a Vespa for years, and truly believe that the only way to look cool on a scooter is on a Vespa. As of late, Vespa has modernized their look, and in our humble opinion, that has been to their detriment. They've always retained some of the classic elements that make the scooter a Vespa, but they seemed to lose some of the Euro flair and opted for a more generic look. That is not to say we didn't like them, but there was something missing in the contemporary designs. We were so happy to see the concept for the "Quarantasei" harkens back to Vespa's Roman holiday glory days, yet being unmistakably modern in everyway. Juxtaposing the classic with the future is a difficult thing to pull off, but we think Vespa has managed a home run with this one. Let's just keep our fingers crossed this is less of a concept and more of a design direction for the company in the future. We say make it as it sits. More pics after the jump.


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