Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moleskine Luggage Tags

Have you ever been waiting for your luggage, see it making it's way down that belt only to have someone else grab it. You want to go over and make sure that it's theirs and not yours, but you don't want to accuse someone of taking your stuff needlessly. This happens a lot more often then you think, like thousands of times a day across the world. This is because most suitcases look the same. A way around this a personalizing your suitcase somehow, and the simplest way, other than graffiti tags, is a luggage tag. Moleskin, the makers of the famous, and our favourite, Moleskine notebook, have made a simple, yet colourful and stylish luggage tag to provide just enough individuality so you'll know for certain whose bag is whose. More info here.

(via CoolHunting)

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