Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monocle 24

We're not exactly cutting edge with this, as it went live October last year, but we'll venture a guess that either you weren't aware, and if you were, you haven't given it a listen yet. We have spent the last several days and evenings listening to pretty much nothing but Monocle 24, and we have to say, this is what radio everywhere should be. Monocle 24 is a twenty-four hour audio service that is exclusively available online; a balanced mix of current affairs, business, culture and most importantly, music. We have been listening intently to the music, and so far, they've introduced us to a few artists and songs that we have never heard that we really like. We highly recommend that you give this a go. It's great background for your work day, and the music programming is great for dinner time. Best part...100% free. You can get there directly here, and if you like, you can get an app for your iPad or iPhone, that in addition to the round the clock streaming radio service, you also get access to Monocle's complete travel guide to the best business cities and resorts around the world, as well as access to Monocolumn; a daily bulletin of news, opinion, and the best places to spend you weekend.

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