Monday, January 2, 2012

Peel UK Coffee Machine

For whatever reason, we tend to gravitate to the old tried and true when it comes to our kitchen equipment. We use an old hand made and hand crank burr coffee grinder, and we use the Chemex coffee maker as our weapons of choice. It's not that we necessarily have an aversion to the modern machines, we have posted one or two before, but we feel that re-inveting the wheel in order to make a pot of coffee is just un-necessary. That all being said, there are some mornings where all we really want to do is flick a switch and gap out while the aroma of freshly brewed java wraps around us like a warm blanket. On the days that this is the case, we then need an automatic brew machine, but not just any brew machine from the department store will do. If it's going to grace the coveted space atop our counters, it must, and we stress must, be pleasing to the eye. This has been the very long way in saying we like the Peel UK Coffee Machine shown above. We love the rippled steel heating pad, keeping you morning cup at the right temperature, and we love the slick blue lighting that will no doubt bath your kitchen in a dim but pleasing hue for those extra tough morning. There is however, no word on release (we're thinking early 2012 sometime) and we're pretty certain that it won't be available to those of us in the colonies, necessitating an online purchase as well as a power outlet adapter.

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