Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Sisters Brothers

We recently finished one of our favourite Christmas gifts, The Sisters Brothers, a novel by Patrick deWitt. We're always quick to endorse local Canadian talent, and Patrick has made it incredibly easy with this fantastic novel, turning the classic Western story into a dark comedy full of tragic characters engaging in mass amounts of violence. Two brothers (with the surname Sister) tied together through blood, both familial and literal, trekking across the wild frontier, coming to terms with who they are and what they have become. Both comical and tragic, this book is so well written we were disappointed we read it so quickly. Available at bookstores everywhere. 

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  1. This book will take you back to the days of the Wild West, although you won't find Roy Rogers and Gabby along the trail. Instead you'll more likely find vomit, a horse's eyeball, and residue from a mixture of toothpowder and spit. If you walk carefully around that stuff, you'll enjoy the journey.
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