Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Casa de la Flora - Thailand

The winter blues have set in here with a vengeance. So much so, we have taken to the web to find a place in the sun. Our first choice would the the villas at Casa de la Flora, in Khoalak, Phuket, Thailand. Casa de la Flora is an example of urban design nestled among an oasis of natural serenity on the Andaman Sea. The Brainchild of businessman Sompong Dowpiset, this 36 villa resort is an ode to the angular geometries of Brustalist architecture, while simultaneously paying tribute to the surrounding environment...blah, blah, blah. Look at the place! Can you think of anyplace better? What this resort has going for it other than the stunning design is that it is in Thailand. The people, the food, the weather...it's all so perfect. A blend of third world dignity and hospitality with first world luxuries such as a superior medical system and a modern infrastructure. Having spent a significant chunk of time their ourselves, we have always found ourselves longing to return...if only to reclaim the piece of our heart that we left behind. More pics after the jump. 

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