Monday, February 20, 2012

The Pibal City Streamer by Philippe Starck

The über hip Philippe Starck has designed what is being hailed a the bike of the future. The city of Bourdeaux, France, which apparently is one of the most cycling friendly places on the planet, was looking to replace the aging cycles in their bike share fleet...and when Phillipe Starck gets involved it's really no contest. The bike is a hybrid bicycle/scooter configuration, which means it'll move under both motorized power as well as people power. Of course, it has on offer style in spades as an accoutrement to the obvious functionality. It's being made in collaboration with French automotive make Peugeot, and will be pressed into service soon. Side bar....the city of Bourdeaux has put in place a number of initiatives, like limited traffic in the urban centre, a new tramway system, and obviously bike lanes. The bike share program means that people don't have to go out and purchase and store their own bike, rather very affordably renting a bike when they need it, and dropping it off at one of the many rental locations around the city. Consequently, cycling trips by the populace have increased significantly...and that is not to mention the health bonus of powering your own errands. Sounds like a good model for all cities.

(via Viacomit)

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