Sunday, February 5, 2012

Triumph Speed Twin Concept

So...a couple of guys looking to graduate from design school decided that doing a modern take on an iconic motorcycle was a good idea. Had we been friends with these blokes, we'd have cautioned them against it, as the Triumph Speed Twin is perfect the way it is and an update a la the new Camaro would just be unnecessary. However, we would have been bad friends in doing so, and would have robbed the world of this absolutely beautiful piece of mobile sculpture. If Triumph were to run with this concept, and we highly recommend that they hire these guys and do just that, they would more than likely have these spoken for for their entire production run. Maintaining the lines of a classic cafĂ© racer, which incidentally are so hot right now, with all the modern features of a contemporary model, this design could easily slot into the Triumph line-up right next to the classic Bonneville. Our favourite little detail is the quilted fabric from British coat manufacturer Barbour being used on the seat. 

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