Thursday, March 15, 2012

Best Made Co. Brass Stow-away Capsule

We are definitely ready for the season to change. Winter has seemed long to us this year, and we're pining for some time in the great outdoors with friends and family...and by this we mean camping. If you were to explain camping to an alien, there would be no way to not make it sound down right crazy, and although we can't put our finger on why, we love it anyway. We always start off our camping season with some new pieces of kit, and this one in piece in particular caught our eye. As shown in the picture, it is perfect for storing your matches, or anything else you care to keep dry, and features a compass so you'll never be lost, or at the very least, you can always point north while inebriated around the campfire. As is in keeping with everything Best Made Co. purveys, it is solid on quality, being hand turned out of brass with a mil-spec cord. You can get yours here.


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