Monday, March 19, 2012

Concept - Monocasco Electric Bike

It's only a concept, but there is no reason that we can see for this not becoming a reality. Electric bikes are already in production, and the motorcycle is a really practicle application for electric technology, since they're so light weight and won't suffer from those pesky range issues. This particular electric concept bike is a modern tribute to Santiago Herrero, who passed away in a 1970 Gran Prix on the famous Isle of Man TT road course riding his Ossa 250cc racer. As usual with the concepts that we feature, we're keeping our fingers crossed that this travels past the rendering stage and a production model is made available for purchase. That being said, we think as design exercise from the minds at Spanish firm Art-tic, it will round out their CV nicely. If it does make it to production, we doubt very much that we could afford such a thing of immense beauty, but we'd sleep better knowing that it existed.

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