Thursday, August 9, 2012

London Undercover x YMC

Maybe it's the Scouts training from our youths...but we firmly believe to always be prepared. This is why we always have a pocket knife on us, and if the weather looks the least bit inclement, we sport an umbrella. Right now we are in love with our Senz umbrella...but the above recent collab by London Undercover and YMC has us re-evaluating...and seeing that in a month or two we'll be knee deep in the onset of fall, you best get on getting your prep on. The Navajo print was leaking into fashion lines last fall and winter, and this year it is totally on point. We love the subtlety of the print on the inside, as shown above, but if subtlety is not your thing there is always the all over Navajo print version as well, which we've kindly posted pics of after the jump. More info available here.

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