Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trailer - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

If the recent release of the conclusion of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy has you jonesing for're in luck. Based on the classic and iconic 1986 graphic novel and penned by Frank Miller (of 300 and Sin City fame), the Dark Knight Returns finds Batman making a comeback after a 10 year hiatus...after middle age has set in and Bruce Wayne is a little thicker, and little greyer, and a whole lot meaner. Truth be told...this story partially inspired the Dark Knight Rises. The animated film stays true to the source material, with a vintage quality and look that became so popular in the animated series, and even keeps some of the most iconic frames from the original source material. Also...the Bat/Bruce Wayne are voice by non other than Peter Weller. Part 1 is scheduled to drop and a DVD/Blu-Ray release on 25 September, with part 2 to follow next year.

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