Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple EarPods

Incase you've been living under a rock, something apparently major happened at Apple today. If you believed all the hype from every blog and news organization on the planet, you'd think it is actually important. Fact is, the big announcement was that they are releasing a new phone that is only marginally better than the one you likely already have in your pocket. They tout it as the most advanced smart phone ever made...but shouldn't that go without saying? Isn't every new model supposed to be better than the last. We guess that if you are super impatient, and the extra 20% of weight of your existing phone is chaffing you for some reason, then maybe this new phone is just what you're looking for. For us, the real story today was that Apple finally decided to make their earbuds less shitty, something that for some unexplicable reason has taken them 11 years. The new EarPods have a two port directional design that is supposed to sound and fit better. Fitting at all would be a great improvement over the old ones. They are now standard on all new iPhone and iPod models.

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