Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trailer - The House I Live In

No matter your view on drugs or drug crime, you can't argue with the fact that the war on drugs is not only the most costly war ever fought, but in terms of winners and losers, it is a dog with fleas. At the centre of this war, and the trendsetter that the rest of the developed world seemed to follow blindly but have now realized the approach couldn't be more wrong, is the United States. The US incarcerates more of it's population that any nation on the planet, even more that China, a country that westerners love to bash for their poor human rights record. I could go on ad nauseum, but you should just watch the above trailer. Also...consider it your civic duty to see this movie and inform yourself. It is after all an election year in the US, and this issue isn't even on the radar, and if the populace knew the depth at it all, it would be a close second to the economy. Just think of how much good all that wasted money could do.

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