Thursday, November 1, 2012

Craft Plus for iPhone 5

Now that the iPhone 5 has become as ubiquitous as oxygen, the slew of companies trying to capitalize for the insatiable need to accessorize have been filling our inbox with their new offerings. There are many that are over priced and god awful attempts at good design, and we're sure in time you'll find most of these in the bargain bin. There are of course the old stand-bys; the tried and true whose proportions have simply been augmented to fit the new device. Case company More has plenty of those, but didn't seem fit to simply rest on their laurels, they have made some new offerings. Our favourite, partly because of the materials, and partly because it does double duty as a wallet, is the Craft Plus. Available in either black wool felt with a polka dot lining, or in a brown canvas with a gingham lining, the Craft Plus is more in keeping with a stylish handbag or travel wallet rather than a simple phone case. You can see and learn more here.

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