Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Japanese Higo Knife for Best Made Co.

Traditionally known as Higonokami, the "Higo" knife has been produced by Miyamote Manufacturing Co since the late 1920's. This style knife was developed in 1894 by the hardware wholesaler Tasaburo Shigematsu and the blacksmith Sadaharu Murakami, and soon after quickly rose to great renown in Japan. Over 50 manufacturers were known to be making the Higonokami knives, but by the early 1960's, popularity waned and many of them stopped production. Luckily, the Miyamoto Manufacturing Co has continued the tradition of employing that original forging techniques and has graciously stamped them exclusively for Best Made Co. However, don't get too excited. These are made in extremely limited numbers, and therefore BMC routinely sells out. You can get on a notification list here.

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