Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ninko Bio Secure USB

Having been victims of identity theft ourselves, we've become increasingly vigilant when it comes to securing our digital information. Take it from us, electronic theft is no joke, and nothing can f@#$ up your life like someone pretending to be you, or worse, taking credit for what is yours. When it comes to portable electronic storage, the USB has become ubiquitous, being the modality of choice for taking your digital information and making it portable. However, you lose it, you're screwed. Even a encrypted USB can be accessed with the right know-how. Enter the Ninko Bio Secure USB. This is James Bond shit right here. This technologically advanced and highly secure USB features three levels of security, offering the highest encryption and decryption rate, password protection and the most impressive feature, a bio-metric fingerprint recognition system built right in. Using your unique fingerprint to encode and encrypt any file type that is loaded, it renders your files unreadable until the user gives their print a swipe. Even how you swipe or at what angle you swipe can be customized to your liking during set-up. And before you go all negative Nelly on us and say that the scanner probably won't recognize your print when you need it does a 99.8% recognition rate suit your needs? Want one??? You can see, learn and order yours here.

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