Sunday, July 28, 2013

The One Moto Show Coffee Table Book

Back in 2010, a bunch of hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts got together and decided to host a grassroot motorcycle show that would replicate all the days and nights spent kicking tires in the garage, talking with pals about bikes and the endless hours obsessing over what the "One" bike would be if you could build it. They hoped to inspire builders to bring in bikes that weren't just show bikes - but bikes that had unique stories and a reason to exist. The shows brought a whole bunch of rare, weird, old, new and all-around amazing bikes together in one place. The show has grown every year hosted, and is shaping up to be a must attend show for anyone that is in to custom bikes. For us it is a bucket list thing, one day to road trip to with our very own bike build. The above pictured book documents these bikes and builders. It is a hardbound, full-colour, high-quality book worthy of the finest coffee table and/or workbench. You can see more here.

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